A Little Corner of Garden

Just a little bit more of that precocious daring spring that was slowly but surely coming out a few months ago. Now it’s quickly becoming so hot and humid that going out into the sun requires some serious thought and consideration. Oh, to go back to the days when the only worry was wearing too little.


This gorgeous little garden is at the bottom of the National Palace Museum here and I kind of love it :) It’s chock full of some rather nostalgic memories of feeding the fishes, walking along the bridges “back in the day”. Those fish. Massive.



There’s just something about maple leaves and blue skies that stops even someone as unromantic as me.


Okay, perhaps that little romantic in me stopped for 5-10 minutes to try to catch the quintessential two-swans-one-heart shape. But hey, :)

IMG_7622Fish, fish, fish. aggressively hungry; and i mean aggressive. you don’t want to be in a dark cove with one of these in between it and some food.





I may have loved the ducks more than anything else. i just really have a thing for ducks from rubber ones to real ones. *insert sesame street ernie reference*

Best part is that the garden isn’t overwhelmingly large or anything so it can quickly be covered in a reasonable amount of time. The amount of walking required is just enough so you don’t feel guilty spending 15-30 minutes just sitting at the conveniently placed benches and resting areas enjoying the scene. Heck, definitely my place to take a book to and read if it weren’t a tad bit crowded and noisy at times. As it was a Sunday and crowded that day, I loved it anyway.



Minions and Cellphones.

this, here, is one of the biggest things that happened to me in January (yep still trying to catch up with my life.): IMG_7459

And I’m not only talking about the extremely (my sister would call troll) adorable case although that would also be one of the biggest things that happened back in January. mhm, thats right. No more 20th century flip phones with actual key pads that made texting impossible for me. Not that I text that much anyway. And despite the fact that I finally have a smart phone, I still catch myself wishing I one of those old cellphones again. I just want to pick up my call once in a while and Carlos (yes, i named my phone. It’s a minion! of course it needs a name) can be incredibly difficult about it sometimes. More than once I’ve been those crazy people holding up their cellphone up in the air and bumping into everyone with their eyes glued to the signal bar trying to make a call.

still talking about january in april? I guess that’s typical for someone still writing the date as the year 2013 on all their papers. and i just got rid of 2012 a few months ago. It’s not too bad; most people are understanding and don’t really start noticing or correcting me until around june. please tell me i’m not the only one when it comes to this difficult task. it just turns me on my head sometimes.  (;

On a side note, does anyone else have a samsung galaxy note 2? Really, sometimes i don’t know if its a big cellphone or a mini tablet.


Back to January: Flowers

COVERGoodness its been a while. But what better way to come back than with a bunch of pretty flower pictures at the cusp of spring? And by a bunch I mean a lot which could be a warning or a reason to keep on scrolling. I find personally that I love reading posts with loads of pictures  :)







Yes these photos are from *ehem a few months ago (time these days honestly just passes me by) but aren’t photos supposed to be timeless? Its a snapshot of the moment anyway and it’s never the wrong time or too late to share a moment.





hello again my little blogging corner ^^ hopefully i’ll be back long enough to actually warm the space up again.


A Brisk Christmas Morning Walk Pt. I



Hello hello!

It’s been quite a while since i’ve hopped onto this robin blue blog of mine. The little breather I promised myself turned out to be almost a month. Good news is I won’t be running out of photos to post for a while now. Bad news is that this blog will have to contend with winter photos probably until the beginning of spring. But, if it had to be any season, I’m glad its the christmas-sy winter one. (:

I might be jumping around a lil’ with the photos but I thought “what better place to start than Christmas morning?”


We had just gotten to Dong Qien Hu* the night before and woke up to this cold, cold sunrise and decided to take a brisk morning walk. And brisk it was. As in the coldest-weather-i’ve-ever-been-in brisk and cold. Having lived for 12 years on a tropical island as I have, even in the winter the weather rarely dips below 15 degree Celsius. So I was quickly able to redefine certain words in my vocabulary such as “brisk”, “cold”, “freezing”, and “winter”. It did not, however, snow. <– and I was very devastated but, hey, at least I got a cold christmas!


A few little flowers that I can only describe as “petal pink”




My family that, woken up slightly from having eaten breakfast, were finally willing to stop and smile for a photo. The photos taken before breakfast? A bunch of sleepy backs huddled against the cold. They weren’t going to stop and turn around for a photo. How picturesque is that background? All that morning mist and haziness; loving it now especially as I write this in pleasant 18 degrees weather.



Oh these translations never fail to get me.

housetwoYup, that cabin on the left right over the water? That’s where we lived. Quaint, very quaint.


the name of our cabin; not as funny as the one above but it was ours ^^


Not the best at smiling in photos but I can tell you, this is him trying. And I quite like them anyways.

I didn’t want to bombard any unsuspecting person so I’ve (hopefully) broken up the photos into manageable chunks. Part II of the morning coming soon!

For all its more than a little late –

Happy January!


* and another thing; please forgive my rubbish pinyin that will probably be all over the place for the remainder of these China posts. I couldn’t even begin to write it out in characters so I figured I’d just do my best (:


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