II. Leather and Pearls


Always the one to be a little more daring and dramatic with her ensembles, Jie would be the one to go all out with the eyeliner. As much as I had difficulty rationalizing it when I first saw it (cue rapid wide-eyed blinking when she first walked out of the bathroom), it turned out quite nicely in the pictures. And there’s something to be said about this little black dress which has seen a great many years and lots of love. Although the frills may have come out along some of the bottom edges and it may not hang as nicely as it once does, everyone has pieces that they just love and never let expire right?





September is just around the corner and i always feel like it’s one of those months that is just there to block out a space of time. Octobers are known for Halloween, December for Christmas, etc. but what is September known for? It’s like the Wednesday of a week. It’s not the dreaded first half of the week or the anticipated second half of the week…it’s just the day in between that has to go by.

That being said, I’m definitely looking forward to the Autumn months and if September can be considered the start of that; well then I’ll love you when you’re here, September. And, August, if you could take away this unforgiving fog and gloom when you leave I’ll be much obliged.





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Day 3: Tokyo

day 3

I pondered a little bit about what to call this day because we spent it just trekking from one place to another. I finally settled on Tokyo rather than post a bunch of little posts with two pictures each. Because those get a little tedious don’t they? Why not just have the slew of photos in one to enjoy all at once. (:



Started out the day back at Ueno Park where a small market of sorts was going on.





And while we were at the park of course we played a few rounds of that rock-paper-scissors loser steps forwards game. I imagined the above pictured situation in the reverse so asked Jie quite apprehensively how she as going to play in a dress to which she answered: “I just won’t lose.”

well said, well done.



These small vending machines of sorts were peppered all about the streets of Japan.



My first impression when I saw this was “aww how cute!” And then I took a closer look…



No words. he thought it was a good idea to do it and she thought it looked too hilarious not to try. Verdict? very prickly and it don’t smell too nice. Needless to say, the rest of us didn’t try it after that. But, hey, she can say she did it now that she went and did it and it was a funny photo op. (:

I haven’t posted nearly enough photos of the food we ate in japan to do it justice. But I would never neglect to include a photo of one of the best dinners we had in all of the three



And that sums up our third day. It wasn’t much in terms of photos but it was just as fun what with walking about the city and just people watching.


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I. This Princess


When a boy you’re “walking out” with gives you something the day you decide to officially end the unofficial relationship, what do you do?
That’s what sisters are for right (: I get her discarded plushies and she gets the t-shirt.
But really — when you give a girl that shirt, what is she supposed to think? “Oh that’s right. I don’t need you either.”

And now I suppose I’m just being touchy. For goodness sakes it as three years ago — someone needs to grow up.




For the record, I do appreciate the Princess Peach.


Day 2.3: Ueno Zoo


One thing before we start: i love, love zoos with a passion. I am the kind of person who will drag my family to the zoo every year for my birthday. And the person unfortunate enough to be my best friend on a crowded weekend, in the cold pouring rain, to the zoo. And I will take a thousand and one photos. So although this zoo trip wasn’t planned, of course I had to smoulder and convince the other three that a trip to the zoo was absolutely necessary.



a zoo = formula for instant happiness.


Just add smiles and mix. And yes, we did copy those pandas. Do we get extra points for color coordinating and enthusiasm?


IMG_0119monkey faceplant.

monkey: 0

wooden board: 1



we both tried to climb up our respective metal elephants. He succeeded, I didn’t. Although, in my defense, my elephant was larger. And who needs to sit on top anyway? Besides. After ineffectively running and jumping and throwing myself at it for a few minutes, I was kind of sore. 10/10 for effort?





Yes, my extremely cheesy and posy nature did have me considering this for a few seconds while I tried to envision how I would mimic this to my own satisfaction. But I gave up for the sake of my own safety. I can barely do a handstand against the wall much less one in the middle of the zoo whilst wiggling my feet in that manner. I consoled myself with the belief that a real panda probably couldn’t do it either.



There was a beautiful pond of blooming flowers in the middle of the zoo and I liked it almost as much as I liked the animals. me gusta.


He wanted a bite of our fries. We almost threw him a piece of our fried chicken but in a split second consideration we suddenly realized how very bad that was.


and there was a petting zoo!! *swoons. jie wasn’t mightily impressed and barely touched one before running off to wash her hands but I sure enjoyed it and was sure to doll out double the affection and pats.






a stop for an ice cream break whilst sitting on a metal lizard was a must. Those vending machines in Japan were a dream <3



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Ushering in a new series…


Here’s to the self, confidence, exploration, and new things.

Did I miss anything in those big vague blanket terms? I don’t think so.


Oh that’s right…parallel structure. welp.

I was afraid the long stream of Japan posts were getting too monotonous so I figured a few other things sprinkled in would help chew the cud.

Did I think very long of where this series was going? Yep. Do I have any idea? Nope.

But perhaps I’ll just categorize this one under the department of “changing things”. I’ll just start this on a whim and try not to let my triple-A personality have a panic attack at not having something “deep” and “meaningful” to associate with it.


Maybe in a few years I’ll look back and ask myself, “what happened?”

Well, future self, it’s life.





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