Intro: Project 365


There are definitely a few things I’d like to do this summer now that the hustle bustle of moving is almost done with. And what with my new determination to document things and the fact that I’ll soon be off to a three week long trip to Japan, I’d really love to learn to use my camera to its fullest capacity. And so I thought I’d start a Project 365. This is not typically the time of year in which one starts said project but seeing as I’ll be spending this next year in China living in a place I’ve never really lived in before, I thought it might be nice to do one. In hopes of it being a special year, I’d like to keep track of it. I know last year’s Summer Snap series didn’t go as long or as complete as I hoped but not trying again is the only sure-fire way of failing.

Here’s to daily pictures and weekly updates!


A New Decade


It’s been twelve years since moving to Taiwan for what was, ostensibly, a “temporary” post. It has been a really, really long time coming but I can now say it: I love it here. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my ever romanticized visions of San Francisco and the States that exist in the realm of dreams and fantasy but I love comfortable streets of Taipei just as much. It’s crazy and I never would have imagined myself saying it.

When the (dare I say it) American ignorant me first came to Taiwan I loathed so many aspects of it. The blaring, blinding city, the greatly decreased personal space in public places, all the mandarin, and the (I thought then) dirty and noisy local markets was extremely overwhelming. That last one especially. All those dead chickens and pork sometimes still featuring the feet, faces, and all other parts? I couldn’t go near them. But I’ve come to embrace, if not love, all of it. The easiness of public transportation through the city, the close proximity of everything, and the safeness that I know doesn’t come everywhere. Where else would I feel comfortable biking around from 9 P.M to almost 2 in the morning?

I’ve grown so much in this city. I’ve seen it, and it has seen me. And now the family is moving out and for the first time in more than half a decade, we’re all going to live together properly again. We will be all registered under one address. It’ll be the most amazing thing considering the fact we spent the last four years living four people in three different countries.


So with all these graduation feels still hanging in the air, I salute you, Taipei. We did it.

And with that, when we leave in a little more than a week, it’ll be the start of a fresh new decade.



Oops, I think I graduated.


On May 31, 2014, I graduated from (really) the only school I’ve ever known. For the past twelve years it was my home, my nemesis and my playground and when it comes down to it, I’m really going to miss this place. I never let myself say that before I had graduated but I suppose I can own up to it now. It’s the most bizarre feeling to know that I’ve graduated and that I won’t be going back in just a few months. Just to think that I’ll never be going back….its just the strangest idea that I don’t think I’ve quite fully comprehended yet. What with the current chipmunk state I’m suffering in (ouch…removing wisdom teeth; anyone get me?) and the subsequent antibiotics and pain killers I have to take four times a day, it’s not really hit me yet. But I’m sure it’s bottled up not too far below the surface and when I finally clear the haze that I’m currently living in, it’ll come at me hard. I do know, however, that the gratitude I own my teachers, peers, and family is boundless and I love them all so much it kinda hurts — so if there’s one thing that’s clear in my mind, I’m glad its that. But beyond that, so far its been nothing going but what the title of this post suggests:


oops. i think i’ve graduated.



A Little Corner of Garden

Just a little bit more of that precocious daring spring that was slowly but surely coming out a few months ago. Now it’s quickly becoming so hot and humid that going out into the sun requires some serious thought and consideration. Oh, to go back to the days when the only worry was wearing too little.


This gorgeous little garden is at the bottom of the National Palace Museum here and I kind of love it :) It’s chock full of some rather nostalgic memories of feeding the fishes, walking along the bridges “back in the day”. Those fish. Massive.



There’s just something about maple leaves and blue skies that stops even someone as unromantic as me.


Okay, perhaps that little romantic in me stopped for 5-10 minutes to try to catch the quintessential two-swans-one-heart shape. But hey, :)

IMG_7622Fish, fish, fish. aggressively hungry; and i mean aggressive. you don’t want to be in a dark cove with one of these in between it and some food.





I may have loved the ducks more than anything else. i just really have a thing for ducks from rubber ones to real ones. *insert sesame street ernie reference*

Best part is that the garden isn’t overwhelmingly large or anything so it can quickly be covered in a reasonable amount of time. The amount of walking required is just enough so you don’t feel guilty spending 15-30 minutes just sitting at the conveniently placed benches and resting areas enjoying the scene. Heck, definitely my place to take a book to and read if it weren’t a tad bit crowded and noisy at times. As it was a Sunday and crowded that day, I loved it anyway.



Minions and Cellphones.

this, here, is one of the biggest things that happened to me in January (yep still trying to catch up with my life.): IMG_7459

And I’m not only talking about the extremely (my sister would call troll) adorable case although that would also be one of the biggest things that happened back in January. mhm, thats right. No more 20th century flip phones with actual key pads that made texting impossible for me. Not that I text that much anyway. And despite the fact that I finally have a smart phone, I still catch myself wishing I one of those old cellphones again. I just want to pick up my call once in a while and Carlos (yes, i named my phone. It’s a minion! of course it needs a name) can be incredibly difficult about it sometimes. More than once I’ve been those crazy people holding up their cellphone up in the air and bumping into everyone with their eyes glued to the signal bar trying to make a call.

still talking about january in april? I guess that’s typical for someone still writing the date as the year 2013 on all their papers. and i just got rid of 2012 a few months ago. It’s not too bad; most people are understanding and don’t really start noticing or correcting me until around june. please tell me i’m not the only one when it comes to this difficult task. it just turns me on my head sometimes.  (;

On a side note, does anyone else have a samsung galaxy note 2? Really, sometimes i don’t know if its a big cellphone or a mini tablet.



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