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Just went through one rejection and one acceptance (bless my brains, i cannot think of another opposite word for rejection). Um. And that was about half an hour ago but I’m still kind of shaking from my piano audition that went well anyway. It’s terrible. But I could be crying right? Which is what I would be doing if it hadn’t gone well. But I figured  because I need to calm my brain down a little it was time for a little wordpress. It’s been an interesting weekend. Extremely productive mornings, pinpoint concentration in the science center. Really, really good hour-and a half workout today. As it turns out, I managed to workout seven days in the past nine. (Did horse back riding for a few hot minutes yesterday if that counts). And it feels really, really good.

Horseback riding. Always a dream. And now I’m teetering on the edge of falling into that. The big bucks haven’t gone out yet but I’ve decided to do it. Likewise, applying for summer scholarships to study abroad in the coming summer. Because what else do you do with so much time?

To brain:

Vegetating, though very tempting, should never be an option. For a few days yes. But for a few months? Honey, you’re going to kill yourself.

Sincerely, your brain.

Hopes for the week: 

Assemble care/birthday package for my lil’ shanghai duckie of a friend down in new orleans

figure out extracurriculars

exercise exercise

study study study (<– i am actually enjoying this. really. and i’m going to keep that state of mind)

How great is this. I started it out mentioning my rejection/ success but didn’t even mention the failure. (spoon btw although i suspect they wanted to give it to a sophomore who might not be here next year. who knows.) A year ago it would have really really bothered me but now i thought about it for an intense fifteen seconds, was sad, and then was done. way to move on :)

phew i needed this brain fart. Almost as much as I need to use the restroom four times in an hour <– horrible, wretchedly true story. Why is that even happening. Who took my bladder and replaced it with a thimble. I’d like it back please, whoever you are.

watching bu bu jing xin whilst on a treadmill working out? maybe that’s why i worked out for so long. dreamy.

inch by inch


A Week in the Life

first week of collage 1

First full week of college is almost over and…someone tell me exactly how and why time is warped here. I feel like I’ve been here forever and at the same time I feel every inch of the freshman I am. Days are jam packed and long but at the same time they just fly by. Contradictions — thank you, Invisible Man, for a prologue of contradictions that have invaded my brain.

But it’s been going well. More ups than downs I would say. I think I’m handling everything so far much better than expected. At least regarding the things I had concerns about in the beginning. Such as not being able to settle down and study, joining clubs, eating alone. All of these things are quite in my comfort zone now. Especially that last one. I’ve gone three meals a day solo before and I actually find it quite relaxing. There are so many things every day, so many things I want to do now and in the future…I’m just doing my best to take it all in stride.

Waking up at 6:15 and going to workout every day has been an absolute gem. I feel so energized and healthy. Had a giant plate of kale and broccoli for dinner today. And it was delicious. Really needed that. Feel like I’m stuffing my body with so many more dairy products (butter. milk. its everywhere. in my eggs. in my vegetables.) that if I didn’t have the exercise regime that i’ve implemented on myself.

first week of college 2

Libraries are wonderful. Spanish is fun. Math is hard.

Although I’m glad I’m not stressing out about social life and then stressing about the time wasted stressing what with so much work.

Spent my first Friday night playing big board games and clue with three buddies. yup. I enjoyed it thoroughly. In fact, we ordered more board games to play. ^^ Overall can’t say my life is bad at all right now. Meals look more appetizing than they taste but its school food. School food is school food no matter where you go ya?

  1. I need to take more pictures
  2. Study study study
  3. Work out

First week of college 3

inch by inch 

The First Inch

Version 2

I’ve officially set foot on campus! It’s bizarre, after having lived in a city for so long and longing for a backyard, now all the big open space in upstate New York is making me feel mildly agoraphobic. A backyard is nice but why is there a mini field in between each building? After twelve years in taipei and a year in shanghai, I’ll say that this needs a little getting used to, to say the least. And the cows? Out of this world. There are cows right next to my campus. Many cows. That is all.

But before I get too far into that, it would be a shame not to at least mention the very best home cooked meal of american food I’ve (quite possibly) ever had. I know I mentioned Boston and its food earlier but it was not like this. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Thank you, cousin ^.^

It was a relatively pleasant four hour drive up from Boston. And then it was another cozy day spent with just the parents. There’s only ever one first day on campus and I’m glad I got to spend it with the two most important people in my life. Meandering about the large acreage, staying in old farm houses, climbing trees, drives into town, and obligatory target runs. The car is quite full and so is my heart. ^^ They’ll be leaving tomorrow but I’m confident that after a good, long cry (let’s be realistic here. It’s going to happen.) I’ll shape up alright.

It’ll be moving in, getting settled, and very likely getting lost all day tomorrow so I’m looking forward tucking into a relaxing night of just watching a movie with the parents (:

–inch by inch–


I think I love New England

Version 2

This is the first time I’ve properly been to the East Coast. First time if you don’t count my coming five years ago for five days and being sick for three of those said days.

And I love it here.

The food, the buildings, the people, the sprawling parks, I’m in love. Although I’m told my feelings will change after the first dozen (or so) snowfalls but at this point I’ve never even seen snow so for now I’m still really looking forward to it. Staying with the best cousins also sweetened up the one day in Boston quite a lot. You know you’re loved when she has hung up on her wall the pre-k “masterpiece” you gave her more than a decade and a half ago. Or when she wakes up early the next day to make and bake a delicious batch of “going to college” chocolate chip cookies for you. But then again, you knew all along you were loved.

Who knew I could feel so strongly about a place that I spent barely more than twenty four hours in.


inch by inch




Spent the afternoon with a little boy who, when i asked whether the orange model he had just constructed was his spaceship, replied very adamantly: “no! it’s a bad-guy, good-guy spaceship-ufo!”

“oh okay. then what’s that other one?” indicating the identical purple model he held in his other hand.

“it’s a bad-guy, good-guy spaceship-ufo!”

“and they’re fighting each other?”

“yes! you have to fight the bad guys!” <– which struck me as funny but then the more I thought of it…

i was incredibly impressed by this four year old’s fairness of mind. no taking sides here. both spaceships were allowed equal parts good and bad. And, if anyone was curious, they both ended in a equally equal demise –> “crash into the sea! but we’ll save them with this ship-boat!”

Another adorable thing about this afternoon. my little playmate was incredibly generous with his nouns. Not superfluous; oven-dishwasher could hardly be described as that seeing as the two terms are hardly redundant. But very interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed my hour of making plane-cars, pitching spaceship-ufo’s against each other, and parking them in garage-houses.

Considering that I’ll be leaving mama and papa for college (*shivers) in three (!) days; it was a nice, nostalgic, bittersweet afternoon spent in my old neighborhood with a four year old mind and building blocks. Finished up the day with the absolute best italian food with the sweetest old family friends. A trip to california never seems complete without meeting them so it was the perfect closure to these past ten days.

inch by inch

Version 2


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