III. Here’s to Summer 2014

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Here’s a little bit of sunshine and a lot of flowers to celebrate the last bits of summer 2014. You’ve been a great one and a busy one; I’ve never had one quite like you.
From moving to a new country (always a biggie) in a frenzied three part move (old house —> grandpa’s house for 2 days —> china for another 2 days —> new house in china) and then the three week backpacking trip to Japan (which you can see in the new travel diaries series) phew! Hands down my busiest summer to date. But do you know what the best part is? It was balanced out with plenty of fun and relaxing. And I’m talking serious relaxing with all the appropriate amounts of tv dramas, reading, and naps all measured in. As for fun, well I only need to mention the homemade noodles and dumplings we’ve been making here. I’ve had loads of mother-daughter time in the kitchen and the homemade stuff is real. And it’s insanely delicious. I’m not sure I ever mentioned my love for chopping up vegetables — but this summer has been that and way more. Just this morning I was up and kneading a fresh batch of dough by 8 in the morning.
Which is another point. Thanks to my father for being such an early riser, I rarely sleep past 8/ 8:30 now and can quite often coax myself out of bed by 7. Not because I have to but because I want to. In the summer. This has never happened before. And I love how it makes the days just so much longer. I even managed to convince myself to go out on more than a few morning runs.
From trying out new things to letting go of the old; I think I’ve grown a lot this summer. Not saying that this maturity is manifesting itself in my actions right now but I assume that’ll come around in due time. (:

I know I’m making this summer seem like all daffodils and marigolds now so I’ll acknowledge that there were definitely stuffy bits where I was a little difficult what with adjusting to the new country and all. But now that I’m at the end and looking back, I can say that it was a great summer. So thank you summer 2014. You were fun. And now, onwards to the new decade.










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Day 4: Shinjuku Garden




I mentioned nakamise-dori street on my very first Japan post here but we went again on the morning of the fourth day to grab some breakfast before wandering downtown.


Cute candies that didn’t taste as good as they looked. But’s it’s always that way right? Those big swirly lollipops look all sorts of amazing and then after ten licks you’re really craving some variation. The only exception to this that I know of is cotton candy. Looks like a heavenly puffy cloud and tastes just as nice.


We saw this old man stop by the stand we were at to give the store lady a small gift and stop for a chat. And we all thought it was very sweet and adorable <3

And now…onto actual pictures taken at shinjuku garden (:


One quirk we noticed about Japan was that none of their “food courts” had any seating areas for you to eat your food once you bought it. It proved to be an issue sometimes when we were very hungry and could only walk around with bags of food with no where to eat it. But this day we simply took our goodies to the park to have an impromptu picnic on the large grassy field.


And there were big trees just begging to be climbed and so we obliged of course.









Saw some people taking some photos that involved some very manly posing.



We met a cat that was cute and adorable up until the point that we woke it up. When the hissing came into play, we hightailed out of there.







We rounded out that day full of sunshine cheesin’ with some luigi hats and having a late night snack of pancakes. Because that’s just what you do when you’re out exploring and having fun right?







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II. Leather and Pearls


Always the one to be a little more daring and dramatic with her ensembles, Jie would be the one to go all out with the eyeliner. As much as I had difficulty rationalizing it when I first saw it (cue rapid wide-eyed blinking when she first walked out of the bathroom), it turned out quite nicely in the pictures. And there’s something to be said about this little black dress which has seen a great many years and lots of love. Although the frills may have come out along some of the bottom edges and it may not hang as nicely as it once does, everyone has pieces that they just love and never let expire right?





September is just around the corner and i always feel like it’s one of those months that is just there to block out a space of time. Octobers are known for Halloween, December for Christmas, etc. but what is September known for? It’s like the Wednesday of a week. It’s not the dreaded first half of the week or the anticipated second half of the week…it’s just the day in between that has to go by.

That being said, I’m definitely looking forward to the Autumn months and if September can be considered the start of that; well then I’ll love you when you’re here, September. And, August, if you could take away this unforgiving fog and gloom when you leave I’ll be much obliged.





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Day 3: Tokyo

day 3

I pondered a little bit about what to call this day because we spent it just trekking from one place to another. I finally settled on Tokyo rather than post a bunch of little posts with two pictures each. Because those get a little tedious don’t they? Why not just have the slew of photos in one to enjoy all at once. (:



Started out the day back at Ueno Park where a small market of sorts was going on.





And while we were at the park of course we played a few rounds of that rock-paper-scissors loser steps forwards game. I imagined the above pictured situation in the reverse so asked Jie quite apprehensively how she as going to play in a dress to which she answered: “I just won’t lose.”

well said, well done.



These small vending machines of sorts were peppered all about the streets of Japan.



My first impression when I saw this was “aww how cute!” And then I took a closer look…



No words. he thought it was a good idea to do it and she thought it looked too hilarious not to try. Verdict? very prickly and it don’t smell too nice. Needless to say, the rest of us didn’t try it after that. But, hey, she can say she did it now that she went and did it and it was a funny photo op. (:

I haven’t posted nearly enough photos of the food we ate in japan to do it justice. But I would never neglect to include a photo of one of the best dinners we had in all of the three



And that sums up our third day. It wasn’t much in terms of photos but it was just as fun what with walking about the city and just people watching.


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I. This Princess


When a boy you’re “walking out” with gives you something the day you decide to officially end the unofficial relationship, what do you do?
That’s what sisters are for right (: I get her discarded plushies and she gets the t-shirt.
But really — when you give a girl that shirt, what is she supposed to think? “Oh that’s right. I don’t need you either.”

And now I suppose I’m just being touchy. For goodness sakes it as three years ago — someone needs to grow up.




For the record, I do appreciate the Princess Peach.



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