Bye bye for now.

DSC00994 2

Currently sitting in the airport in Taiwan at the conclusion of my three day trip and feeling all the feels. Just bid the mother goodbye and she heads off to catch her own flight and sitting here feeling as dramatic as Robin Williams in this song.  It’s been years and I think I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact I’ll probably cry saying goodbye until my tear ducts atrophy. <–do they do that?

What I’ll miss:

  1. Food, food, food
  2. the feeling of coming home — i wonder when i’ll stop feeling disorientated about coming back to a place I called home for 12 years and not having a place to live
  3. food, food, food
  4. the humidity (saves my skin)
  5. dentist
  6. healthcare
  7. hair dresser
  8. Grandpa + his cute little calico cat (^photo case in point)

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Back to the motherland


Back in the motherland for a whirlwind of a four day trip! Started out on the (let’s not say wrong) on the unpredicted foot when I did what i always thought I’d do but never did. Missed my flight. Yes, yes 6:30 is AM and 18:30 is PM but heck, that’s not very relatable in every day life. I done messed up. But any who, I’ve made it back to Taiwan and have very certainly been munching it up on all the food. The heat, though, bless this tropical island…has been quite a lot for this California girl. I don’t know how I bore it for 12 years. But for the food, i’d do it all over again–can I stay longer please? 🙂



the yummiest vegan muffins as a mid-morning snack

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May the Cuddles be with you

spent most of the day mousy-ing about at home and currently munching on a 73% cocoa bar from Trader Joe’s which is pretty much to die for. Okay, let’s not be dramatic. But if I was in a pretty tall tree and you put it on the ground under me, heck yah I’d jump down. But don’t worry about me breaking anything–I never go up trees so you can just hand it to me standing under the tree 😉

Anywho, anyhow–happy friday! It was a little bit of a rough one with certain job situations coming up for the sister this morning but we’ll get through it. Even the time of the month has come around to keep me moral support. You know how sweet and companionable that always makes us females right? *mhm.


Wishing you all the comfiest and coziest of weekends! Let’s all spend time curled up like Haru in his totoro blanket. Hard to tell but yes, those little blue splotches are totoros. (no, not taters, autocorrect. Different things. be more cultured, will ya?)




An Ode to Adulthood


And so it begins:

A semester off from college to take design classes. Mother has left to go back to Asia and one is left all home alone for most of the day whilst the sister is off at work. Can I even call this an ode to adulthood? When I’m running around like a headless chicken trying to clean up multiple things at once and the house already looks painfully aware that the mother figure is no longer present? Debatable. Perhaps we can call it the chapter post-puberty, pre-functioning human being.

Because I hope to goodness puberty is over. It was handy to have that to blame mood swings, etc. on but now I’m older I realize mood swings are going to happen anyway. As is that certain time of the month. And my body will keep changing anyhow, anyway. So really–puberty isn’t really “embracing all the changes in your body” but more like a rude stranger butting into your home and setting up camp to stay for the next 30+ years. This is me supersupposing (did i make that up) that it all ends at menopause but considering how I used to think all the growing up ended after graduating from high school; I could  be in for it. We will see.