Kitty cuddles

Happy Thursday!

Sitting here behind the circ desk work my 26th hour in the past two weeks and dreaming of snuggling with kitties galore because knowing there are two at home in California just make me melt a little bit inside.

Should really get on that ensayo. It’s been a rather productive morning, dare i say it. Probably because I left a bunch of things until (kind of) last minute. This is relatively speaking for me of course. One of the things being a problem set due tomorrow and the other an essay due Monday. The fact I don’t have both done, printed, stapled and tucked away? Shocker.

img_6682Kitties have it all figured out I tell you. A day consisting of kitty cuddles and being fed in between naps? sign me up.




So today was filled with not too much productivity.

Although I was once again inspired to start blogging again. I spend too much time watching youtube videos and I just thought to myself–if I watch one less video, just one, and spent that ten minutes putting down bit of something for myself to look back at in the future…how great would that be? I always chastise myself for not a) writing in journals or b) taking enough pictures and yet I never do anything to change it. And I’ve decided I love looking back at old photos and what little journaling I’ve done to continue letting myself pass up on my life.

So in a nutshell what i remember from the day:

  1. sweet potatoes for dinner (yum yum)
  2. didn’t have lunch but then hyung❤ brought me some seaweed in a cup
  3. wasn’t awfully productive
  4. first microfinance meeting
  5. Flute ensemble — getting to play first flute :3
  6. call ever so briefly with jie jie
  7. oo my $30 shoes arrived from kohls and i’m not entirely sure but i think i love them.
  8. glen walk with hyung
  9. and yah!

Goals for tomorrow:

  1. Finish econ stats hw
  2. go to the gym!
  3. don’t eat bad fatty foods
  4. wake up early


  1. Why is it not easier to make collages?
  2. Why did i not consider the fact coffee ice cream is coffee flavored and therefore it has caffeine before eating it an hour ago?

goodnight world!

A Blustery Day

coverThere’s no snow here in California but – oh boy – if wind was snow we would have been buried to our necks today. The wind would actually rock you if you tried standing on one foot. But nonetheless it was a beautiful day on Point Reyes; nature held up a great deal better than we did against the wind.




And manual focus is not always the easiest thing to do when you’re being blown every which way. Particularly when the wind creeping up around makes the image through the viewer look like Medusa is attacking — what with the long hairs invading all sides of the screen. But nothing like a bit of black and white filter can’t fix, yes?





it was the most beautiful sunset i’ve seen in a long time. Well worth the long miles of winding skinny roads that went up and down and were quite conducive to road sickness on my part. But we ended up at an amazing restaurant (Nick’s Cove) in which we could watch the sunset away from the wind in front of amazing food. Their chowder and free flowing bread basket + butter and mussels? Would recommend, would do again. (:





A Quote to Live On


“Some people are worth melting for.”

–Olaf from Disney’s Frozen

It’s hard to imagine that its been two years since I last posted a quote…but I could hardly let another entire year pass without a single quote-post right? And what with all much needed family time these past few days and the colder northern california winter, of course I would think of this one (: