A Blustery Day

coverThere’s no snow here in California but – oh boy – if wind was snow we would have been buried to our necks today. The wind would actually rock you if you tried standing on one foot. But nonetheless it was a beautiful day on Point Reyes; nature held up a great deal better than we did against the wind.




And manual focus is not always the easiest thing to do when you’re being blown every which way. Particularly when the wind creeping up around makes the image through the viewer look like Medusa is attacking — what with the long hairs invading all sides of the screen. But nothing like a bit of black and white filter can’t fix, yes?





it was the most beautiful sunset i’ve seen in a long time. Well worth the long miles of winding skinny roads that went up and down and were quite conducive to road sickness on my part. But we ended up at an amazing restaurant (Nick’s Cove) in which we could watch the sunset away from the wind in front of amazing food. Their chowder and free flowing bread basket + butter and mussels? Would recommend, would do again. (:





A Quote to Live On


“Some people are worth melting for.”

–Olaf from Disney’s Frozen

It’s hard to imagine that its been two years since I last posted a quote…but I could hardly let another entire year pass without a single quote-post right? And what with all much needed family time these past few days and the colder northern california winter, of course I would think of this one (:


2015 Christmas Playlist

christmas playlist

Now christmas day has come and gone I have six days to cram with all of my holiday cheer before January hits and this christmas, quite literally, “so last year” and I once again am looked at strangely for spouting red and green and sparkles. please don’t tell me i’m the only one who’s still listening to christmas songs (:

so without further ado, here are the songs that accompanied the festivities this year (a.k.a the songs on repeat on the speaker since after thanksgiving — and on headphones before that)

  1. Sleigh Ride — Pentatonix
  2. Mis Deseos/ Feliz Navidad — Michael Buble + Talia
  3. Here comes the sun — Yo Yo Ma + James Taylor (and the whole album “Songs of Joy and Peace” really)
  4. Winter — Vivaldi
  5. Let it go/ Vivaldi’s Winter — The Piano Guys
  6. Baby it’s cold outside — Idina Menzel + Michael Buble
  7. Winter Wonderland — Tony Bennett
  8. Have yourself a merry little christmas — Frank Sinatra
  9. All I want for Christmas is you — Vazquez Sounds

And finally…my personal, all time favorite:

10. Disney Sing Along Christmas Songs 1988 

It’s a fun mix of different genres and styles; what’s your favorite christmas song?



A little more…

IMG_8597 copy

after a very rushed post about the day yesterday…i thought christmas deserved a lil’ more than that. so here are a few more photos of the glorious christmas sweaters i was able to bully jie into and the for-the-first-time-ever family coordinated “photoshoot” that turned out be four pictures shot in front of a lemon tree. Oh and emphasis on the lemon tree because it we were actually just nature’s background. thank goodness for sharpness and definition edits. but the color coordination was a start. we’ll do much better next time🙂


so christmas day started out with a fall. not quite on the face, but quite neatly on the corner of my eye. Again, thank you editing software because a bloody scab on my face is anything but an appropriate holiday accessory. it all started with waking up very disorientated, trying to go use the restroom, forgetting that sleepy just-woken up people do not function like normal people, and ending up falling down and hitting my face on a metal rack. We both ended up on the floor, one sobbing from the pain and the other sitting there quite serenely. hint: the serene one was not human. which is another thing. Are those people that just exude calmness and serenity in a moment of pain and panic real? I thought not, tv dramas.



anywho, after i had wiped myself off of the floor, the day mellowed out on a bit of a low note. so i decided to go for a walk/run around the neighborhood and after a good hour and a half of it came back ready to tackle myself some christmas.

and so the whole family popped on some christmas attire (yes, yes i did buy it all. and yes, i it did take some bullying to get jie into wearing it). Word of advice? If you are that one cheesy person in a family of extremely sensible individuals, buy all the christmas attire first before you mention it to anyone. they hardly have the heart to stop you when you’re standing there with a christmas sweater for each and an excited cheesy grin on your face right? truth be told, i think everyone appreciated it and best thing is no one protested when i casually said “ah — i’ll perfect the color coordination next year”. (; subtle, very subtle i know.


palm trees and christmas sweaters in a photo. i like the way you think, california.


struggled with this photo in which i happened to stand straight in the light and my already smaller sister delicately in the shade. made my face look like a light bulb shining twice as bright and large as hers but ya know, what can you do when you’re sister is a cutie in a photo.


oh and this girl (hello) who only very recently earned her learners permit drove the whole family many miles down south today. hehe.

From my family (who, having lived in asia for so long no longer are in the habit of seatbelts in the back seats — unfortunately):

nervous driver feeling around for the brake:”um…seatbelts everyone”

mom and sister in the back: “nah, it should fine.”

“uh..no i really think seatbelts”

*pause: “right, *click *click “yah you’re right. seatbelts”


and that pretty much sums it up!

christmas in california with the family❤






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