Never Too Early


I had a long night of studying yesterday and chanced upon this beanie when I was taking one of my “breaks” by walking through the house.. The kind where you casually poke your nose into every nook and cranny in an attempt to draw it out as long as possible before inevitably wandering back to your seat. And so I managed to nose out this beanie which of course immediately went on my head. I’ve had this fascination with beanies since last winter but never really got my hands on one so I figured I couldn’t start too soon this year. (: Plus, I’m sure it prevented some knowledge leakage through my ear. It kept my head warm at least; that must’ve facilitated some learning if nothing else. I think.

And so my head one of its most affectionate and cuddly nights to date.

And I may have just fallen in love with beanies.


If that wasn’t a spontaneous post I don’t know what is but happy tuesday and here’s to the rest of the week,



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